DGT 2010

Incremental Time Controls on a DGT 2010

DGT 2010
Increment  1:30, 0:30, 30 sec
Option 21 hand

Numbers to be changed with + or - and press

Fischer cooling off period "shortly": 1:30, 0:30, 30 sec / train for all

Not described as select option 19 on the ground (Option 19 is 90 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 seconds per move as described in the manual, this error is corrected in the label with serial number 3509)

option 21

1:30:00 left (after the seconds seem to confirm the minutes) and the right to adjust 1:30:00

00:30 bonus set, the bonus period only appears on the right side

There will be a "1" on the left and 00 right, the number of puffs. These are let on 00. (FIDE calls instead of the transition is when a player comes to zero seconds, not after a certain number of trains.)

It appears then a "2" on the left then right at the time 0:30:00.

It appears again the number of puffs 00 here you can not change.

Keep the button pressed until ► | appears in the middle field, |.

The Clock is ready to start.  (Translated from German)