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DUEL TIMER™ Tutorial

This tutorial is included to provide explicit directions and examples for using the DUEL TIMER. We recommend briefly examining the DUEL TIMER and then reading this tutorial to better understand setting, presetting and other game options. Also included is a manual card with instructions, that can be carried with the DUEL TIMER.

New Model

New model: To set for 2 hr. - SD/1, hold the on/off button until the double zeros appear. Use "minB" to get to #14 (the pre-set for this time control|); then use "secB" to get to 5 for the five-second delay. Hold preset button until "~120" appears in the window. To deduct 5 minutes press "preset/reset" simultaneously with "minA" to change left clock and "minB" to change right clock.

The DUEL TIMER displays minutes and seconds for each player. Settings for the DUEL TIMER are in minutes and with maximum setting of 180 minutes (three hours). Additionally, there are preset options for tournament play having two time periods as described in the Game Selection Table. The Game Selection Table is included in the manual card and is inside the battery compartment of the DUEL TIMER.

When you first turn the DUEL TIMER on it will beep twice. If you prefer to play quietly, hold down the preset/reset button while turning on the DUEL TIMER. This will disable the beeping sound.

Lesson One

The DUEL TIMER allows you to set it with a few button pushes and begin to play. Setting the timers is done by pushing or holding down the set buttons. Once set, by pushing the player buttons, begin the game and the timers are counted down.

To set both clocks to ten minutes each, turn the DUEL TIMER on and then push or hold both set buttons until the displays show [10:00 10:00]. You can then start the game by pressing the player buttons on the top [- 9:59 10:00].

At any time during a game, you can stop the DUEL TIMER by pressing the stop/clear button once. Begin playing again by pressing the player start buttons on top.

To add or subtract time to either players timers, first stop the DUEL TIMER. To subtract time from the timers, push or hold either set button and the preset/reset button. Pushing the set buttons increments the timers and pushing either set button with the preset/reset button decrements the timers.

To display the number of moves made (move count), while the game is in progress, push and hold either set button. The move count is the number shown in the minutes display [08:45 -09:45]. When you release the set button, the display returns to normal. The move count increments up to 99 moves and then begins to count up from zero again.

*Because the DUEL TIMER does not have a neutral position for the brass player buttons, it is important to begin with the correct players button up.*

When playing Chess, white makes the first move, so the black playerŐs button should be pushed to begin the game. This is important if you are using the move count or the Sudden Death option. When playing Go, black makes the first move, so the white players button should be pushed to begin the game.

Lesson Two

Notice that when the DUEL TIMER is first turned on the display shows [ :00 :00]. This null display indicates that the DUEL TIMER is ready to set. During a game, the DUEL TIMER can be stopped by pushing the stop/clear button once. However, if you push the stop/clear button a second time the DUEL TIMER is cleared and returns to the null setting.

When you want to set the DUEL TIMER, it must be cleared. If there is remaining time on the displays, first stop, then clear the DUEL TIMER by pushing the stop/clear button twice.

Preset options allow you to easily set the DUEL TIMER for longer single period games. Use the Game Selection Table to determine the preset option for a specific timed game. To set the clock to a single period game of 30 minutes, push the set B button once, displaying [ :00 1:00] then push the preset/ reset button [30:00 30:00]. Once you have set the DUEL TIMER, you may still add or subtract time, by pushing the set buttons (lesson one). The DUEL TIMER increments to the maximum of 180 and then begins again from zero.

Once set, the DUEL TIMER, can be reset to play the same game again by clearing and then pressing the preset/reset button. The DUEL TIMER resets to the previously played game. Once the timer reaches zero, the DUEL TIMER beeps three times. This signals game over for that player. After a game is over, the DUEL TIMER can be cleared and is ready to be set or reset.

* Standard Model with Brass Buttons only.

Chess with Sudden Death (Second Period)

Two period play is common in tournament chess. This requires a number of moves in a First period, then if the player makes the required moves, the timer adds a Second period of either 30 or 60 minutes. The game will end if the required moves are not made within the required time. If the moves are made within the required time, any additional time is included in the Second period. The Second period, also called Sudden Death, is the final period of time. When a player runs out of time they lose.

The preset options available for chess can be found in the Game Selection Table. Intermediate times can be realized by using the set buttons to increment the timers. This new value of the First Period is stored and can be reset.

To select a common tournament game, such as (40/2+SD60), set the right display with the set B button (lesson one) to display [ :00 23:00] and press the preset/reset button. Both clocks are now set and show the First period [:120:00 :120:00] with 40 moves and 60 minute Sudden Death selected.

It is important to note that if chess presets are used that include Sudden Death, the display shows a colon in front of the players time [:120:00 :120:00]. Once the chess presets with Sudden Death are set, on reset they return. If the colons are displayed, be aware that you are playing with Sudden Death set.

When playing a preset game having a Second period, at the end of each players First period, if the required moves are not made the DUEL TIMER beeps three times signaling game over for that player. If the player makes the required moves, the DUEL TIMER beeps twice and the Second period begins, adding 30 or 60 minutes to the players time. For more than two periods or recurring periods, one can stop the DUEL TIMER and add the additional time to the timers.

Bronstein (Chess with Delay)

Bronstein allows players to move within an allotted time without sacrificing time. To set Bronstein, set Gong value as above and then set minutes as usual or set Gong and the Chess preset. For instance, to set a tournament game (40/2+60SD with 5 sec. delay), set Gong value to five [--:-- : 5] using the set B button. Select the Chess preset [--:-- 23:05] using the set A button. Push the preset/reset button to display the setting [~:120:00 ~:120:00]. Notice that while playing, the delay time is not counted down, instead the timer display shows the Gong marker [~] until the delay is over and then the remaining time is counted down.

Setting Seconds

To set seconds, turn on the DUEL TIMER with both set buttons held down. The DUEL TIMER display shows [--:00 --:00] and the seconds can be set. Push the preset/reset button and continue setting the DUEL TIMER as usual.

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