The black model does not have a delay mode available, the green does.

To put the clock into delay mode go to the bottom of the clock, put the switch from "off" to "delay" and insert a pen-point or paperclip into the "reset" hole. To return to standard mode do the same thing with the switch on "standard". All times are set independently for each side of the clock buy pressing "right" or "left" and "up" or "down". First set the time of delay as seconds, then the time control.

This clock does only one time control. Additional time may be set manually at the end of the first time control or you may set the clock initially with the entire (total) time for the game. 40/2, G/1 would be set as G/3. The clock has no move counter and, in any case, only the player's scoresheet counts for making a loss-on-time claim. If a player has not completed the 40 moves (and stopped his clock) when the first 2 hours are consumed he has lost on time if the opponent has a scoresheet sufficient for the claim.