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This clock has a complete set of directions and extensive menu on the bottom, as well as the on-off switch, and is self-explanatory. The Spring Scholastic Championships, for instance, are played under a t.c. of 25/1, SD/1. This can be found as preset mode #30 by pushing "select", then the "plus" sign (found under "white") until the number 30 appears on the display.

  • Begin the game with both play buttons level.
  • Stop the clock by neutralizing both play buttons.


White’s clock must be started and white must make a move before starting black’s clock. If black is not present to start white’s clock, white must reach over and press black’s button so white’s clock starts first. Minutes and seconds are displayed during the final ten minutes.

The amount of "delay" is a grace period at the beginning of each move—time does not begin to discount until the delay is used up for that move. (It is not "added back" at the end of the move as in the Saitek and DGT).

To stop the clock during play level both buttons, or "plungers", so that neither clock is running. Do not use the "pause" switch for this purpose.

Time adjustments during play: after clocks are stopped push switch to "pause", press "select" then the + or – sign to make changes. (These instructions are found on the bottom of the clock.)

This clock has a move counter which can be displayed or hidden. It shows a time forfeit by displaying a flag and red light but, according to USCF rules, this is not a forfeit unless claimed by the player. There is an option (press "select" to "claim", then "on") that will freeze the display if the required number of moves have not been reached. The move counter may be displayed or hidden.

The original issue had some problems including sticking play buttons, loose battery packs that caused the clock to turn off at random and light construction. Current manufacturing has solved these problems but the play buttons, or "plungers", are still very noisy.