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A History of New York Opens by the Games

  • 1987 Features former World Champion Boris Spassky and future Women's World Champion Szusza Polgar in one of the first appearances of the Polgars. Many time Candidate Cycle participant Bent Larson also played. GM Yasser Seirawan and GM Andras Adorjan tie for first with 8/11. Visit this year's history page
  • 1988 A young (19!), and relatively unknown, Vassily Ivanchuk makes his debut onto the world chess stage by winning the tournament outright with a score of 7.5/9 and took home $20,000! Visit the 1988 history page.
  • 1989 This was a special and powerful event. The appearance of all three Polgar sisters, former World Champion Vassily Smyslov, a young Gata Kamsky shortly after his defection to the U.S., and a young Boris Gelfand. GM John Fedorowicz wins outright with 7/9 after facing 6 Soviet players. Visit the '89 history page.
  • 1990 Another former World Champion graces the Big Apple stage. Mikhail Tal takes on rapidly improving Gata Kamsky in a classic round eight match. IM Alexander Khalifman scored 7/9 and vaulted onto the world chess stage. Stop by and see the 1990 history page.
  • 1991 Alexander Goldin scores 6.5/8 and finishes ahead of 13 players who were 1/2 point back. This game file is in Text format. Visit the 1991 history page.
  • 1992 Gregory Kaidanov makes his appearance in U.S. Chess. GM Eric Lobron from Germany wins clear first with 7.5/9. See the 1992 history page.
  • 1993 One of the largest ties for first place in chess history occurs as seven tie with 7/9. The seven were GMs Goldin, Ehlvest, Benjamin, Alburt, Adianto & Hellers and IM (soon to be GM) Ilya Gurevich. Visit the 1993 history page.
  • 1994 GMs Jaan Ehlvest and Lembit Oll tie for first with 7.5/9. See the the 1994 history page
  • 1995 Pavel Blatny was the surprize winner as the tournament was played for the first time out of Manhattan, at the Raddisson-Newark International Airport. His 8/9 score was the highest winning percentage in NYO history at that point. Visit the 1994 history page.
  • 1996 Loek Van Wely scores 7.5/9 to finish .5 ahead of Ehlvest, Adams, Chernin, Yermolinsky and IM Blas Lugo.. Visit the 1996 history page and also, see what coverage looks like from an Icelandic page.
  • 1997 8-1 Scores turned in by Michal Kranskow and Victor Bologan as seen on the 1997 history page