New York Open - 1998

I designed and maintained the New York Open website in 1997, 1998 and in its final year of 2000. The tournament website was deleted a couple years later without saving any files, but I found 1998 buried on an old PC. Some of the links no longer work. The mapped graphic's internal links no longer work. However, there are some great hisorical pages in here.

Archive - A history of the event through the games played from 1987 - 1997
Games - 215 games from 1998
Past - The story of each year from 1983 - 1997, illustrated by classic photos
Results - Final Standings from 1998
Steve Mayer's analysis - 17 games, many from top players
Jarecki - Round by roun d observations from Chief TD Carol Jarecki

The 1998 Entry Page
Former Wold Champ Mikhail TalA very young Kamsky  
  Tal, playing blitz at the NY Open                           A very young Gata Kamsky