• Pinnacle in Prize Funds:
    • The International "A" $45,000
    • The International "B" $22,000
    • The separate five separate Open with $125,00
    • Total of $192,000 (record!)
  • Cuban players compete in the United States for the first time since Castro came to power!
  • 19 year old IM, Vassily Ivanchuk, USSR, bursts onto the chess scene easily scoring 7 -1 . He wins $20,000 and a GM norm!
    GM Ivanchuk (R) with GM Ftacnic at Novi Sad
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
    • GM Guillermo Garcia of Cuba scores 6 , second place, and $10,000
    • 11 year old Judit Polgar gets an IM norm!
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