• American wins amid record number of GMs
    • 47 Gms (record!), with a 14 player Soviet Union contingent!
    • $165,000 Prize Fund, with six sections: International "A" (Open), International "B" (under 2400 FIDE) and four amateur sections
  • Media highlights: The defection of 14 year old Gata Kamsky from the Soviet Union, who has gone on to play for the World Championship!
  • GM John Fedorowicz, USA, scores 7-2, and wins $18,000, facing a half dozen Soviet players!
    Jose Cuchi and the winner, GM John Fedorowicz
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
    GM's Boris Gulko, USA; Lev Polugayevski, USSR; Eric Lobron, West Germany; Helgi Olafsson, Iceland scored 6 -2
    GM Eric Lobron receiving check from Jose Cuchi
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld