• $150,000 Prize Fund with Two International Sections and three Amateur sections
  • Soviets send largest contingent ever: over two dozen players, 18 in the top section, including players in the top 10 list and former World Champion Mikhail Tal
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    GM Tal was one of the most popular chess players in
    history and drew large crowds wherever he went.
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    IM Alexander Khalifman scored 7-2 to win first place and $20,000. Like Ivanchuk, in 1988, this win catapulted Khalifman into the ranks of the top players in the world.


  • Half a point behind were 15 year old Gata Kamsky, USA (who beat Tal in the process- see our 1990 games collection for this game); GM Leonid Yudasin, USSR; GM Vladimir Epishin, USSR; GM Helgi Olafsson, Iceland, each wins $4,825.
  • IMs Vitaly Zaltsman, USA and Jean Hebert, Canada, won the International "B" with 8-2, where 3 GMs and 9 IMs participated
    Gata Kamsky with Joel Benjamin and Walter Browne in the background
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld