• $100,000 Prize Fund in five sections, all eight rounds
  • 28 GM, 21 IMs and 46 players rated over 2400
  • GM Alexander Goldin scored 6 - 1 to take clear first and $10,000
    13 players at with 6-2:
    • GM Gata Kamsky (16 years old and a new GM, GM Jaan Ehlvest, USSR; GM Vladimir Epishin, USSR; GM Alexey Dreev, USSR; GM Nick DeFirmian, USA; GM Mageir Petursson, ISD; GM Sergey Kudrin, USA; GM Patrick Wolff, USA (new GM!); GM Joel Lautier, FRA; GM Igor Novikov, USSR; IM Ilya Gurevich, USA; GM Utut Adianto RIN; and FM Larry Remlinger, USA
      GM Gata Kamsky in deep thought at the 1991 New York Open
      Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
      GM Alexander Goldin (USSR)
      (Photographs by Jerome Bibuld)
      GM Nick DeFirmian (USA)
      Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
      GM Jaan Ehlvest (Estonia) who refused to play under the Russian flag at this tournament
      Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
      GM Hellers (Sweden)(left) with then IM Alex Shabalov next to him
      Photographs by Jerome Bibuld