• $100,000 Prize Fund in five sections
    • The Open sections go back to a 9 round international
      • Mikhail Braude & Maurice Ashley make IM norms
    • The Amateur sections go to 7 rounds.
      • Accelerated three day schedules for amateur sections
  • Back at The Penta, now world's largest Ramada
  • 22 GMs, 19 IMs, 183 players in the top section
  • GM Eric Lobron, playing out of Germany, scored 7-1 o win $10,000
    At 7 points were GM Jaan Ehlvest, EST; GM John Fedorowicz, USA; GM Alexander Schneider, CIS; IM Igor Ivanov, USA; GM Alanso Zapata, COL; and Mikhail Braude, USA
  • GM Jaan Ehlvest on the stage, with demonstration boards showing the moves to interested spectators.
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
    GM John Fedorowicz
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld