• $100,000 Prize Fund, in 5 sections, with 9 round International Section, at the Hotel Roosevelt
    • The Under 1600 section returns with a $5,000 first place.
      • Class prizes in every section, so players by 100 point intervals down to 1400, had chances to win major prizes.
    • Multiple accelerated playing schedules for every section.
  • Four (!) IM norms earned this year: Boris Kreiman, Pontus Sjodal, Ruben Gunawan & Leonid Sokolin
  • Scoring 7 - 1 were GM Jaan Ehlvest, EST and GM Lembit Oll, EST, winning $7500 each
    With 7-2 scores were: GM's Alexander Shabalov, USA; Gregory Kaidanov, USA; Alexander Ivanov, USA; Joel Benjamin, USA; Patrick Wolff, USA; & Yehuda Gruenfeld, ISR
    GM Benjamin a few years earlier at 91 NYO
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
    GM Alexander Ivanov, a few years later...
    Photograph by Michael Atkins