• $100,000 Prize Fund in 5 sections, with a 9 round International section, and 7 round Amateur Sections. This was the second year at the Radisson Hotel in Newarl International Airport, New Jersey.
  • GM Loek Van Wely, from the Netherlands scored 7 - 1 to take clear first and win $10,000
  • At 7 points were: GM Michael Adams,ENG; (pictured at right)
    GM Jaan Ehlvest, EST; GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, USA; GM Alexander Chernin, HUN; IM Blas Lugo, Ex-Cuba/now USA
    GM Michael Adams IM Blas Lugo who led the tourney most of the way and finished tied for 2nd - 6th
    GM Van Wely, the clear winner<l> and GM Chernin <r>
    Photographs by Jerome Bibuld
  • At 6.5 points were: GMs Alexander Ivanov, USA; GM Sergey Kudrin, USA;
    GM Johann Hjartarson, ISL; GM Gregory Serper, USA; & GM Hanne Stefansson, ISR
  • Class winners:

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