• The first New York Open was held on the July 4th weekend, 1981- at the Casa de Espana in New York City
    • The prizefund was $36,000, and the tournament was won by GM Lev Alburt of the United States, with 300 players participating.
  • In 1983, the New York open came back with an unprecedented prize fund of $100,000, and created a revolution in tournament chess.
    • Up to that time, the largest tournament prize fund ever offered in the United States was $50,000. Thus, the New York open could be considered the "father" of all big money chess tournaments here in the U.S., and even world wide.
  • Unlike other big money chess tournaments, the New York Open has always been run with the emphasis on quality. Our goal has always been to make the best tournament possible, not to just try and make money.

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