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Chesswise University Online is presenting New York Open games in a JAVA Viewer at their website

Open Section Complete Results

Final Standings

Wallcharts (as used at the tnmt)
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Round 9 Results


The crosstable and wallchart html files are 189-298k! Downloading them in ZIP format is both faster and nicer to the server!

Check out this collage from the 1998 New York Open
photoshopped by Michael Atkins

Open Section Annotated Games

This section contains several annotated games from each round

Open Section Photography Collection

This section will contain some photos from every round. After the tournament, a complete photographic essay will appear.

Class Section results

Section 2 Under 2400
Section 3 Under 2200
Section 4 Under 2000
Section 5 Under 1800
Section 6 Under 1600

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